Hello World! Why am I making a blog?

Despite my¬†imposter syndrome, I’m a filmmaker.

The video medium feels limiting to me. I can’t always capture what I want to say.

With that, and also a desire to have a place to call home on the internet, A City Away was born.

The name is inspired by an old blog (which no longer exists), called Castles in the Air by Nina Yau. The day I discovered it, the name “A City Away” popped into my head. I’m not sure what the correlation was, but soon after I bought the .com domain. A few years later (today), I bought the .io domain to finally begin the blog.

Other influencers include Abhi Vyas, who made me realize that the number of followers is not the most defining metric – but rather building strong relationships and meeting new people as an outcome.

So welcome – the door is always open and you are always welcome to come for dinner.