Relative Time

No, we’re not talking Einstein’s theory of relativity. This is a bit simpler.

After a 5-day workweek, how do you feel on Saturday morning?

Relaxed? Calm? Present?

It feels like an immense amount of time before returning to work.

Now, a random holiday has occurred and your weekend turned into a 5-day vacation. Wednesday to Sunday.

It’s Saturday. What does that feel like?

A long weekend coming to an end.

We need to stop thinking of time as relative, as a percentage completed.

As Alan Watts said (reminded to me by Johnny Miller’s newsletter):

the enjoyment of our world is not really unlike listening to music. We don’t play music in order to get somewhere. I mean, if the objective of the music were to arrive at a point, say the last bar, the final great crashing pause of the symphony, well than all we’d do we’d be just hurry up its playing, play as fast as possible so as to get to the culmination as soon as possible. Or, just cut out the whole symphony and play only the last bars.

If you feel most peaceful at 8pm on a Saturday – then 8pm of every day you should have the same mindset.

Some of you might argue that’s not possible because you hit the bars on the weekends.

For those of you who do the same thing both Saturday evening and Tuesday evening, then why should your mental state not be the same?

Don’t let the weight of tomorrow’s obligations affect your today. The anxiety of the future hinders your ability to enjoy the present.

I believe there are other occurrences of relative time, but to save time, I’ll save that for another time. 🙂