Traveling to a City Away

Everywhere I’ve been has had an influence on me. Airport connections don’t count.

I’ve visited 8 out of 217 countries. That is 3.69%.

Shows how little I know.

Currently Reading

Favorite Books


Music is my most powerful influence. I can sit on an airplane for six hours with nothing but an iPod (iPhone?). Here are some of my favorites artists and songs:

  • The 1975 – all of their songs.
  • John Mayer – a majority of his songs
  • Kanye West – Violent Crimes, Wouldn’t Leave, Real Friends, Runaway, Family Business
  • No Rome – Do It Again
  • Lorde – Ribs, A World Alone
  • Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices
  • Chance The Rapper – Summer Friends, Same Drugs, No Problems

Different artists influence me at different times. There’s not enough space to list all of them. So in that case, check my Spotify.

Some Interesting People I Follow

Hmm… I have to think of an update for this one.

Random Things I Care About and Enjoy

  • Summer thunderstorms
  • Lighting
  • Dyson fans
  • Coffee Shops (with WiFi)
  • Watching Elon Musk work to save kids stuck in a cave in Thailand
  • Listening to live acoustic sessions of my favorite songs on YouTube at 2am
  • Driving down the highway at sunset
  • Modern 80s POP
  • Public transit at night
  • The mailman when I may have a package coming without a tracking number.
  • Small heavy objects (i.e. computer processor)
  • Unused traffic lights in a snowstorm.