Lack of sympathy towards complex systems

Warning: Writing this goes against the trend of the customer is always right. Scary.

During the early days of quarantine, I sat around a dim lit hot fire with my father, girlfriend, and neighbor – you’re typical neighborhood dad. With a glare across his huge smile, he spoke excitedly of how he let his kids earn their living by holding down jobs like cashier, waitress, etc… The types of jobs you often find other high schoolers and college students filling. His purpose was that one day, when his son or his daughter is standing in a grocery store line, 30 years from now, they’ll have a lot more patience and understanding for that person behind the counter – who just couldn’t get the damn bananas’ bar code to scan!


Relative Time

No, we’re not talking Einstein’s theory of relativity. This is a bit simpler.

After a 5-day workweek, how do you feel on Saturday morning?



I’m not a designer but after half a decade of designing websites, I became a little less shit at it.

I’m somewhere between 90s 3-dimensional skeuomorphism and the top content on Dribbble. You can decide.


Hello World! Why am I making a blog?

Despite my imposter syndrome, I’m a filmmaker.

The video medium feels limiting to me. I can’t always capture what I want to say.

With that, and also a desire to have a place to call home on the internet, A City Away was born.